In addition to their work as Writing Center tutors, student leaders serve in a leadership role, collaborating with coordinators and administrators to do work that helps us achieve our mission. These leadership positions might involve collaboratively leading one of the Teams Teams , coordinating events, overseeing projects, conducting research, etc. Each position is unique and tailored to the skills of the student leader and the needs of the Writing Center each year. You will find more specific information about duties and responsibilities in the position description of each individual position.

🗒️ Student Leader (SL) Position Descriptions

Position Expectations

  • Fulfill the principal duties and responsibilities of a specific leadership position
  • Set leadership-related goals with your supervisor & work to fulfill & document those goals
  • Attend student leader check-in meetings twice per quarter
  • Serve as a resource for Writing Center staff

🥳 Position Benefits

  • Gain tangible professional skills, subject matter & discourse-community-specific knowledge, and administrative experience
  • Have an opportunity to create & execute professional development workshops for the Writing Center staff

🏆 Position Qualifications

In order to be considered for a leadership position, you must fulfill the following minimum qualifications:
  • Completed all Writing Center onboarding from the Notion
  • Available to work 20 hours/week: flexible schedule, weekday availability preferred
  • At least two years of work or related volunteer/leadership experience
  • Familiarity with a range of professional/college-level writing genres and contexts
  • Strong collaboration, organization, communication, and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to reliably work in an independent, self-directed environment
In addition to the above qualifications, each individual leadership job description contains additional position-specific qualifications.

🗓️ Hours/Schedule

In general, duties will be evenly split between tutoring and leadership responsibilities. Hours may be flexible depending on the specific responsibilities at certain times, subject to consultation with your individual supervisor.

Making SL-Work Placeholders

In consultation with your supervisor about regular weekly work time and/or project/week-specific work time, Student Leaders are empowered and encouraged to proactively, directly block themselves off on WCOnline, marking the appointment(s) as “Placeholder” under WCOnline’s Administrative Options.
Select the Placeholder box to the left of the word “Placeholder” to proactively mark block-off time for student leader work.
Select the Placeholder box to the left of the word “Placeholder” to proactively mark block-off time for student leader work.

💤 Dormant SL Positions

Outreach Marketing & Social Media SLOutreach Marketing & Social Media SLWriting Center Events SLWriting Center Events SLEnglish Learners Support SLEnglish Learners Support SLCopyediting SLCopyediting SL