Receptionists are an essential job role within the Writing Center, helping run the day-to-day operations.

Principal Duties & Responsibilities

  • Welcoming and helping Writing Center Tutors, writers, and other visitors
  • Maintaining a respectful and productive office environment
  • Opening and closing the office
  • Communicating with other receptionists
  • Communicating with writers
  • Using WCOnline, Google Drive, Slack, Airtable, and other Writing Center resources with proficiency and explaining their use to others
  • Reviewing and sending out written feedback along with their corresponding letters
  • Filing and archiving emails
  • Responding to Chat with a Tutor messages as they arrive, or delegate other receptionists to respond if needed
  • Completing other tasks as assigned

🏆 Position Qualifications

Receptionists are selected each quarter based on their demonstrated responsibility, enthusiasm, and scheduling availability. In addition to serving as model Writing Center staff and the front lines of quality assurance, receptionists serve as the first points of contact for writers.
  • Receptionists report to Katie Brown.
  • Receptionists receive training during their first shifts.
Receptionists should work with tutors to create a friendly and productive tutoring and working environment. Do your best to help tutors, writers, and other visitors to the Writing Center find answers to their questions.

🤔 Making Decisions

While all receptionists are trained on Writing Center protocols and procedures, each shift will present unique challenges and opportunities for which there may not be straightforward answers.
You can and should always feel free to ask an administrator for advice if you are unsure of what to do. In cases where you need to make an immediate decision and an administrator is not available, however, know that you are authorized to make executive decisions when necessary; the administrators will have your back as long as you are acting in the best interests of the Writing Center and the parties involved.

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