Student Managers are an essential part of our office—helping to coordinate and oversee mission-critical day-to-day operations. Given the duties the Office of Academic Affair assigns to certain Administrators & CoordinatorsAdministrators & Coordinators to focus on work beyond the Writing Center or behind-the-scenes (e.g., assessment, serving on campus committees, professional development for instructors, managing budgets and compliance), Student Managers are crucial for making sure our core initiatives—the Writing Center, the Writing Fellows Program, Workshops, and Outreach—are running as smoothly and effectively as possible.
Working as a Student Manager gives you a chance to get more involved in our work and gives you meaningful experiences and potentially valuable transferrable skills in your professional and intellectual development.
We hire for any open student manager positions every Winter & Spring Quarter (depending on position).

✅ Requirements & Qualifications

  • You need to be a team player who enjoys collaborating with others
  • You bring creativity and strong problem-solving skills
  • You will be a current undergraduate or graduate student** who will also be a student for the duration of the 2024-2025 Academic Year
  • You commit to serving as a Student Manager for the duration required of the given position you apply for and accept (seeStudent ManagersStudent Managers position descriptions for exact requirements)
  • When working in-person shifts, and only when possible given your other commitments, you commit to being a source of support to tutors and daily operations
We count on Student Managers to be model employees and be a leader of and for other student employees on staff. This includes knowing and following our Policies, Procedures, & ProcessesPolicies, Procedures, & Processes and in general being invested in making our workplace as effective and collegial as possible. To be explicit, we do expect Student Managers to be highly invested in their work and to go above and beyond in solving problems that arise. We do not ask Student Managers to never make mistakes or face challenges at work, but rather to face challenges and own up to mistakes and work with their supervisor and team to learn from these experiences.

📜 Student Manager Position Descriptions

Operations Student Manager (OSM)Operations Student Manager (OSM)Outreach Student Manager (ORSM)Outreach Student Manager (ORSM)Professional Development Student Manager (PDSM): Communications Professional Development Student Manager (PDSM): Communications Professional Development Student Manager (PDSM): Continuing EducationProfessional Development Student Manager (PDSM): Continuing EducationProfessional Development Student Manager (PDSM): MentoringProfessional Development Student Manager (PDSM): MentoringWriting Fellows Student Manager (WFSM)Writing Fellows Student Manager (WFSM)Workshops Student Manager (WSSM)Workshops Student Manager (WSSM)
**Any Graduate AssistantGraduate Assistant working as a Student Manager will be paid via stipend in Autumn, Winter, & Spring Quarters from your home department at whatever your current rate is and will receive the hourly Student Manager pay rate when working outside of stipend hours in Summer, Intersession, or any extra hours beyond the 20 hours per week covered by stipend (with the exception of a GA in the Workshops Student Manager (WSSM) working Summer Session 2024, who would be paid at your current hourly rate).