Each staff member, and anyone in our online and physical spaces who uses our services or otherwise interacts with our office, must adhere to the applicable DePaul-wide regulations and procedures outlined by the Compliance Office, the University Policy and Procedures Office, the Undergraduate Student Handbook, and the Graduate Student Handbook.
In an effort to create a strong sense of community across our large and diverse staff, the Writing Center works hard to be transparent about our policies and procedures and, perhaps more importantly, to enforce them with fairness and consistency.
We expect all of our Tutors to be professional and do high-quality work.
The standards and expectations that we have are derived from both the mission of our program and our role as a student support service within the Office of Academic Affairs and the larger DePaul University community.
Understanding the Writing Center’s policies, procedures, and processes is a necessary part of working at the Writing Center.
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❗Tutor Expectations

  • The Writing Center expects you to make helping people with their writing the primary focus of your work.
  • We expect you to work with writers in all appointment modalities we offer.
  • We expect you to be accountable for what you do and say during your shifts and in our spaces—virtual and physical.
  • We expect you to show kindness and respect to everyone you interact with and be treated with kindness and respect yourself.
  • We expect you to handle conflict with others—writers, your fellow staff members, administrators, etc.—with love and respect.
  • We expect you to work shifts at both our Lincoln Park and Loop locations. (During regular, in-person operation.)
  • After your initial onboarding and training quarter, each subsequent quarter you work as a Writing Center Tutor, you will be assigned peer writing tutor roles—writing fellow or writing group facilitator—based on program demands, schedule availability, and the number of hours you request.

❇️ Administrator Expectations

  • Writing Center administrators will be fair and timely in providing feedback.
  • Writing Center administrators will work to create a culture where everyone is guided by love and respect in resolving any issues that may arise during the course of your shifts.
  • You can contact Writing Center administrators about any issue you have related to your work at the Writing Center—at any time, for any reason.
  • When you are assigned work beyond scheduled tutoring appointments, you will receive clear guidelines and support for accomplishing and meeting expectations.