Writing Fellows work with instructors to gain a comprehensive understanding of assignments in order to assist writers in their appointments. Most Writing Fellows Cohorts do two rounds of feedback; each round consists of either or both Written Feedback and Zoom modalities.

✨ Principal Duties & Responsibilities

Communicating and Meeting with the Course Instructor
  • One of the main distinctions between being a Writing Fellow and being a Writing Center Tutor is that you have direct contact with the course instructor.
  • Meet with the course instructor to get to know them and to ask questions about the assignments that writers will be doing in the course.
Working with your Cohort
  • Communicate in person and on Slack during your shift
  • Check your DePaul email during your shift
  • Attend and participate in weekly Writing Fellows Cohort Hour
Working with Writers
  • When setting the agenda, use your knowledge of the prompt and your conversation with the instructor as a guide. Be explicit about why you are focusing on certain aspects to help the writer understand where you are coming from and to better use your feedback.
  • Complete the Participation Report in the course Notion page

🏆 Position Qualifications

  • Current DePaul University Writing Center employee
  • Excellent writing, research, communication, & interpersonal skills
  • Demonstrable interest in & facility for working with others

🧑‍🏫 Principal Learning Objectives

  • Understand writing center pedagogy & best practices
  • Learn about a variety of writing genres, approaches, & styles
  • Effectively communicate with a diverse range of people
  • Articulate & achieve work-related SMART goals

🗓️ Hours/Schedule

Writing Fellows Student Managers schedule Writing Fellow Cohort Hours for you.