Position Descriptions & Hiring Information

The Writing Center at DePaul University is staffed by a diverse team of undergraduate students, graduate students, and professional staff members and administrators. Each one of us brings our unique writing experiences, traditions, knowledge, and backgrounds to our work.
In addition to serving as a Writing Center tutor, you will hold multiple roles in your time working for usβ€”sometimes as many as three or four in a given quarter. Each role is vital to the Writing Center's mission at DePaul.
You can learn about overall commitments and expectations between the Writing Center and its employees below.

πŸ’₯ Open Positions

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Writing Group FacilitatorsCALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Writing Group Facilitators

🧒 Student Employee Positions

πŸ‘” Student Leadership Positions

πŸ«… Full & Part-time Staff Positions

Administrators & CoordinatorsAdministrators & Coordinators

πŸ’‚ Expectations & Commitments

πŸ§™ Tutors

  • Tutors will use the best practices, Appointment StrategiesAppointment Strategies, and guidelines for appointments that are outlined in this handbook
  • Tutors will complete all Appointment LettersAppointment Letters and, when necessary, send them to instructors and other third parties during their scheduled shift
  • Tutors will, upon arriving to work, greet the ReceptionistReceptionist and check in for the beginning of their work shift
  • Tutors will avoid public discussions about any student, writer, instructor, Writing Center staff member, or other University employee
  • Tutors will check in with the Receptionist at the end of their shift to make sure that all their obligations have been completed for the day.

🧐 The Writing Center

  • Writing Center Administrators will provide Writing Center Tutors with praise and constructive criticism on work performance
  • Writing Center Administrators will honor tutors’ role as a student while making sure that they are also remaining responsible in their job as a Writing Center Tutor
  • Writing Center Administrators will maintain a supportive work environment by working with writers, tutors, and instructors to ensure that everyone has as positive a Writing Center experience as possible
  • Writing Center Administrators will assist in resolving any issues that may arise through the course of the work day
  • Writing Center Student Managers will work to help tutors have an understanding of Writing Center Policies, Procedures, & ProcessesPolicies, Procedures, & Processes by answering questions and hearing concerns
  • The Student Managers will act as a resource for any questions tutors may have about tutoring or Writing Center policies
  • The Student Managers will create the quarterly schedule and assist tutors in making any scheduling adjustments throughout the quarter