Mentors provide support and guidance for new tutors and GAs during their onboarding process and throughout their first year.
The Mentoring ProgramThe Mentoring Program pairs experienced Writing Center tutors with newly hired tutors, starting in Autumn Quarter and continuing through the academic year. Supported by the Professional Development Student Manager (PDSM): MentoringProfessional Development Student Manager (PDSM): Mentoring and the other PDSMs, a Writing Center mentor introduces a new tutor to all components of the Writing Center through periodic check-ins and guidance, in addition to reviewing information covered in WRD 395/582. All duties will take place during regularly scheduled hours of the mentee’s and mentor’s shifts.

Principal Duties & Responsibilities

Support your mentee’s development as a Writing Center Tutor and Employee (40%)
  • Complete all quarterly check-ins to support your mentee’s progress with onboarding and ongoing learning and growth with tutoring practices
  • Share your Writing Center experience and expertise with your mentee
  • Provide additional resources and advice as needed
Communicate and connect with your mentee (40%)
  • Build rapport with and offer support to your mentee(s) during regularly scheduled check-ins
  • Reach out and respond to your mentee(s) throughout the quarter as needed during overlapping shifts and through Slack
  • Keep your mentee(s) up to date about about events and programming to get involved in the Writing Center community through socials, Professional Development, Teams Teams , and leadership opportunities like Student LeadersStudent Leaders
Complete administrative tasks as needed (15%)
  • Regularly check Slack for updates and information
    • Review mentor/mentee pairings each quarter for accuracy
    • Understand expectations of required check-in meetings with your mentee(s) (e.g. SMART Goal Setting Support, Mid-Quarter ePortfolio Check-in)
  • Complete end-of-quarter surveys when requested to provide feedback on the mentoring program
  • Attend mentor training at the beginning of Autumn Quarter
  • Proactively monitor and manage WCOnline schedules for both mentor and mentee to ensure mentoring requirements are fulfilled
Perform other mentoring duties as assigned (5%)

📌 Position Requirements

  • Commit to serving as a mentor for Autumn Quarter, Winter Quarter, and Spring Quarter
  • Work a minimum of 10 hours each quarter
    • Mentoring may require up to one hour per week depending on the quarter
    • Have broad availability to align with your mentee(s)'s schedule
  • Have a passion for connecting with others
  • Be involved in and/or have awareness of Writing Center programs, initiatives, teams, events, and/or other activities
  • Attend the mandatory Autumn Quarter Mentor Training Session

🧑‍🏫 Principal Learning Objectives

  • Develop leadership skills through communication and facilitation
  • Exercise time management and organization skills
  • Build rapport with the next generation of Writing Center staff
  • Reflect on your own experiences and offer advice to others
  • Engage in the Writing Center community

🧑‍⚖️ Direct Supervisors

The Mentoring ProgramThe Mentoring Program is facilitated by Writing Center Associate Director Erin Herrmann in collaboration with the Professional Development Student Manager (PDSM): MentoringProfessional Development Student Manager (PDSM): Mentoring and other PDSMs.